Who am I?


Why do I paint?


What do I create?


If my work remained static it would be an easy task, writing this statement. But it isn’t. My work is a collection of series, a continuum of subjects with the common denominator the technique I have formulated over the years. The technique is what ties each group of work together. This technique is a layering process made up of scumbled oil paint mixed with cold wax and applied with a palette knife or color shaper. Rarely do I use a brush these days since the thrill of layering is one of the reasons I paint.  That, and the alchemy of turning something 3D to 2D and back to the lie of 3D.


And the topics?


They tend to be found in the common world around us, something mundane elevated to art. Choosing the subject of each series is easy. It just pops into my head when least expected. It’s usually something I want to explore or find enigmatic, be it through color or shape, or contrasts of light and dark. Each painting within each series is worked as a need to perfect a specific aspect of that piece, to perfect it, and then try it again with a different composition or format. For the time I spend working on each series I am possessed with an energy that will not allow me to stop, then, suddenly, it’s over. Done. The energy expended, the series complete. I have learned what needed learning, observed what needed observing and can go no further with that topic. Painting for me is a love and a drive; a necessity in life in which to observe and create and communicate something in need of exposure.